Energy-efficient web to be created by ‘GreenWeb’


Researchers, including an Indian-origin scientist from the University of Texas at Austin, have developed a new, open-source computer programming framework “GreenWeb” that allows people to save more battery power while browsing on mobile devices. Developed by electrical and computer engineering professor Vijay Janapa Reddi and graduate student Yuhao Zhu, “GreenWeb” is a set of web programming language extensions that enable web developers to have more flexibility and control than ever before over the energy consumption of a website.

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Google faces record-breaking fine for web search monopoly abuse

Google could face down Ms Vestager in court CREDIT: REUTERS

Google faces a record-breaking fine for monopoly abuse within weeks, as officials in Brussels put the finishing touches to a seven-year investigation of company’s dominant search engine.

It is understood that the European Commission is aiming to hit Google with a fine in the region of €3bn, a figure that would easily surpass its toughest anti-trust punishment to date, a €1.1bn fine levied on the microchip giant Intel.

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