Netflix app tests your Internet speed


Netflix wants you to check your Internet speed, and it’s giving you a new, easy way to do it.

As one of the most popular video services on the Internet, Netflix relies more on companies delivering strong, fast Internet connections than most. Disputes in recent years with Internet providers including Comcast and Verizon over slowing down, or “throttling,” of Netflix streams only furthers the streaming giant’s need to make sure people are aware of the speeds they should get.

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Tech Talk: Which navigation app is most helpful on the roads?


CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — All this week, Good Morning Richmond is taking a closer look at the technology we use in our everyday lives.

With so many navigation apps out there to help you get around, how do you know which is best for you? The ladies of Good Morning Richmond tested a few of them out to see how they compare.

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