Email Marketing Tops Advertisers’ Software Must-Have Lists


Email marketing doesn’t show any signs of going away.

When it comes to marketing technology, email software remains at the top of the must-have list for many marketers around the globe.

According to March 2016 research on marketing technology adoption by US-based email marketing firm dotmailer, email marketing was the top marketing software category used by respondents, with more than 88% mentioning the service. About two-thirds of respondents to the worldwide survey were in the UK.

While email may not seem like the most sophisticated of marketing technology applications, an increasing array of email-focused features like dynamic content and personalization are giving the tactic new relevance. An April 2016 email marketing insights study conducted by email testing and analytics firm Email on Acid found that 45% or more of marketing professionals planned to use features like dynamic content elements and personalization in 2016.

Even as new marketing technology tools gain favor with marketers, email marketing doesn’t show any signs of going away either. According to dotmailer’s survey of how marketers plan to spend on marketing technology in 2016, email marketing remains at the top of the list, with 65% mentioning they planned to allocate their budget to the technology in the year to come. That was nearly 20 points ahead of second-place customer relationship management (CRM) technology.




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