#SkinCancerComeAtMe: Social media ignorance triggers awareness campaign


Cancer of any kind is no laughing matter, however recent hashtags appearing to mock the disease online have caused advocates to start a campaign in hopes of changing the conversation.

The Melonoma Network of Canada and Save Your Skin Foundation launched a campaign called #NotJustSkinCancer last week after hashtags like #SunburnArt, #SkinCancerComeAtMe and #SkinCancerHereICome began picking up steam on Instagram and Twitter.

These hashtags would often get posted along with images and messages related to excessive time spent in the sun or on a tanning bed.

According to the Cancer Society of Canada about 6,800 Canadians were diagnosed with melonoma last year and 1,150 ultimately succumbed to the disease.

A video for the campaign sheds light on how serious the disease is and how much of a threat it poses to Canadians.

Susan Cox is a cancer survivor from the GTA who appeared in the video. She said she hopes to see an end to the smug hashtags online, especially because skin cancer is the most common cancer among young adults.

“We just want to tell people that the rates are on the rise,” she told 680 News. “The people that are most affected by it now are ages 15 to 29 years old.”

Source: www.680news.com By Betty Wondimu


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