What to Know about Branding your Business Better


To help customers better recognize your business, it is important you create a brand people will instantly gravitate to. In a way, a brand is sort of like a Meta description for what your business is all about. You want to say in a few words or in a picture, what you do and what you stand for. What should you know to help brand your company better?

Slogan Friendly

Your slogan is a major component to your overall branding effort and image. It should say in five words or less what you provide to the consumer or how you want the consumer to interact with your company. Geico is a good example of this, as they faithfully mention the fact that you can save 15 percent in just 15 minutes by switching to them. It tells the customer that they can save money in a quick and easy manner in a few words. Brevity is important because it keeps the customer’s attention and it fits on a billboard, banner ad, or quick TV or YouTube ad.

Logo Flexibility

Your goal should be to get your logo seen as many times as possible in many different mediums. Whether you want to put it on custom t-shirts that you pass out at trade shows, or you put in on pencils and keychains, the more eyeballs on your company colors, the better off you are. Ideally, you will pass out items that people will use, or that multiple people will use over as long a period of time as possible.
This is why t-shirts are a good choice because they can be worn for years and in a variety of locations. Other good ideas include digital downloads such as games or wallpapers that can be stored on multiple devices and shared with friends. All it would take is one picture, video, or game going viral to turn your brand into a national phenomenon.

Customer in Charge

In today’s business world, the consumer gets to decide what message he or she sees. This means you have to offer value each time you talk to the consumer. One of the best ways to do this is to educate and offer your assistance in solving a problem. For instance, if you run a pest control company, you could write an article or create a video talking about the signs of infestation and how to take care of it. At the end, include a link to your site or a phone number where customers can reach you at. Give good, useful information your customers might be searching for, and use your brand as a solution.

Your brand is everything when it comes to introducing yourself to customers. It quickly says who you are and what you stand for, and you need to make sure you convince a customer that you offer the right solution at the right price. Otherwise, your target market could decide to go with a competitor that better meets their needs.

Source: www.promotionworld.com By Brooke Chaplan


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